UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution

Proper file and data management is among the calls made to states in this resolution. Proper data collection is a key ACJR interest.

The resolution calls on states to ensure a proper file and data management system on prisoners that allows the tracking of the number of persons deprived of their liberty, their
detention period, offences or grounds for detention, and developments regarding the prison population, and encourages states to collect other up-to-date, comprehensive and
disaggregated data that allow for the identification and prevention of discrimination in the administration of justice and over-incarceration. 

The ‘Human Rights in the administration of justice, including juvenile justice’ resolution was adopted on 29 September 2017. In an effort to implement the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, the resolution invites governments to include the resolution in their development process and to ‘consider the causes and effects of over-incarceration and overcrowding’. Furthermore, it requests the Office of the High Commissioner to submit a report in 2019 with a focus on ‘violence, death and serious injury in situations of deprivation of liberty’

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