Immigration detention crisis on Mayotte

Nearly 25,000 Comorians are deported from Mayotte each year, and only after enduring poor detention conditions, claims PressTV, Paris. In addition fatal boating accidents kill on average two people per day, claims the network.

Intensely poor Comorians cross over to Mayotte for better health care, education and work, but they also go to visit their family and friends. In 2011, weeks of demonstrations were held against rising economic inequality and price gouging by French retailers.

Comoros has repeatedly pressed its claim to the island before the United Nations General Assembly, which adopted a series of resolutions under the caption "Question of the Comorian Island of Mayotte", opining that Mayotte belongs to Comoros under the principle that the territorial integrity of colonial territories should be preserved upon independence.

France held a referendum on Mayotte in March 2009 to endorse the island's status as a French department. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour.

PressTV claims the French government has provided few solutions for the ongoing border crisis in Mayotte.

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