Kenya Audit validated by National Council

A comprehensive audit of the criminal justice system in Kenya points toward avenues for reform.

CSPRI-PPJA and the Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) - Kenya and Resources Oriented Development Initiatives (RODI) - Kenya undertook an audit of case flow management and conditions of detention Kenya, on behalf of the National Council on Administration of Justice. The indings validated at an inter-sectoral meeting hosted by National Council on Administration of Justice in Nairobi in early June. The meeting comprised representatives from each of the institutions of the National Council. The findings clearly indicated that powers of arrest and detention are over-utilised in Kenya and that a substantial proportion of arrested and detained persons are in custody on petty crimes, in particular, crimes which are often dealt with administratively in other countries. A high rate of successful appeal on capital offences was also observed. The findings were engaged with robustly by the participants who asked a number of probing questions. The study presents a comprehensive empirical survey on the Kenyan criminal justice system and is highly relevant to criminal justice and law reform initiatives. The full report will be published by the Kenyan partners later in 2016. The partners are hoping the public launch of the results will coincide with the appointment of the new Chief Justice of Kenya.

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