Kenya DPP issues directive on touting

The Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP) in Kenya on 12 March 2019 issued practice directions on how to handle the offence of touting. This offence was among the many offences identified as petty and was the subject of extensive stakeholder engagement to have it decriminalised. The Office of the DPP conducted a further research ,and paid visits to select remand facilities in Kenya in partnership with ICJ Kenya and other stakeholders. The findings of the research informed the decision by the DPP to issue practice directions on how to deal with the offence of touting.

The Campaign on the Decriminalisation and Declassification of Petty Offences in Africa has as its aim reform in law, policy and practice that would address the arbitrary and discriminatory nature of minor offences, such as loitering, being a ‘rogue and vagabond’, use of abusive language, disorderly behaviour, begging, public insult and being idle, which result in many people, especially the poor and other disadvantaged groups, are arrested and even detained. This development in relation to touting in Kenya is an important milestone in this campaign. 

More information on this campaign can be found on the campaign website. 


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