Zambia seeks to address congestion in correctional facilities

Zambia's average prison population was 21,000 against a holding capacity of only 8,500 in 2016. A symposium in which ACJR participated resulted in the establishment of technical working groups to address key aspects of the problem.

ACJR participated in the Symposium on Legal and Administrative Reforms to Address Congestion in Correctional Facilities that took place between 12 and 14 September 2017 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Co-founder and Project Coordinator of ACJR, Professor Lukas Muntingh presented on the Socio-economic impact of Pre-trial detention in Zambia and Researcher Kristen Petersen delivered on  Challenges and recommendations considering legal and administrative reforms for granting bail and bond in Zambia.

 The final report on the symposium, including the agendas of the technical working groups, can be found here.

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