Ex-prisoners speak of abuses in secret Bossembele prison
Author: Jean
Published: 11 Apr 2013
Bossembele, known by some as "Guantanamo" of the Central African Republic, is one of Africa's most secret prisons, where ousted president Francois Bozize allegedly had his opponents jailed and tortured for years. A alliance of rebel groups known as Seleka captured Bossembele and freed all prisoners as they moved against Bozize in March 2013. Al Jazeera gained access to the prison in April 2013.
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Condições de vida melhoram na Cadeia Central de Maputo
Published: 13 Mar 2013
A Cadeia Central de Maputo é a maior prisão em Moçambique. Està superlotada e as condicoes de vida que se observavam num passado recente nao eram as ideais. Durante uma visita à prisão a 12 de Fevereiro de 2013 feita pela Liga dos Direitos Humanos e a Organização da Sociedade Civil sobre a Iniciativa de Reformas Prisionais (Civil Society Prison Reform Initiative, CSPRI), foi evidente que, embora a prisão ainda abriga mais do que o número para o qual foi concebida, os recentes avanços têm melhorado a situação.
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Conditions improve at Maputo Central Prison
Published: 13 Mar 2013
Maputo Central Prison (Cadeia Central de Maputo) is the largest prison in Mozambique. It is notoriously overcrowded and conditions have in the recent past been noted to be less than ideal. During a visit to the prison on 12 February 2013 by the Human Rights League (Liga dos Direitos Humanos) and CSPRI, it was apparent that although the prison still houses more than the number for which it was designed, recent improvements have ameliorated the situation.
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A5I expert review meetings in Cape Town and Bujumbura
Author: Jean
Published: 25 Feb 2013
The aim of the second set of workshops was to receive feedback from designated expert reviewers, who reviewed completed DIPs. The DIPS has been completed by A5I staff. Participants met on 5-6 February 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa and 20-21 February 2013 in Bujumbura, Burundi.
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Amnesty report cites abuse of criminal justice in Cameroon
Author: Jean
Published: 24 Jan 2013
A new report by Amnesty claims the Cameroon authorities have engaged in unlawful killings and torture as the authorities seek to use the criminal justice system to clamp down on political opponents, human rights defenders, journalists and sexual minorities.
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Just Detention Forum calls on the Department of Correctional services to devise a comprehensive plan to improve prisoner safety after deaths at Groenpunt and St.Albans
Author: Jean
Published: 22 Jan 2013
The recent deaths of prisoners at Groenpunt and St Alban’s prisons raise serious concerns about the ability of the Department of Correctional Services to guarantee the safety of prisoners. The Groenpunt death is particularly worrying as officials are implicated in the death of the prisoner.
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SA Constitutional Court finds government liable for prisoner contracting TB in pre-trial detention
Author: Jean
Published: 11 Dec 2012
Mr Lee was detained at Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison in pre-trial detention from 1999 to 2004, appearing in court no fewer than 70 times. Mr Lee contracted TB while in prison. The court found there is a legal duty on the responsible authorities to provide adequate health care services as part of the constitutional right of all prisoners to conditions of detention that are consistent with human dignity. The court further found there is a probable chain of causation between the negligent omissions by the responsible authorities and Mr Lee’s infection with TB. The case was remitted to the High Court to determine the amount of damages.
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