Article 19 v Eritrea (2007) AHRLR 73 (ACHPR 2007)

"...On 14 April 2003, the Secretariat of the African Commission received a communication brought by Article 19 against the state of Eritrea, a state party to the African Charter ... Article 19 states that it is concerned especially about the continued detention incommunicado without trial of at least 18 journalists in Eritrea since September 2001... "the Commission: Holds a violation of articles 1, 5, 6, 7(1), 9 and 18 by the state of Eritrea;Urges the government of Eritrea to release or to bring to a speedy and fair trial the 18 journalists detained since September 2001, and to lift the ban on the press; Recommends that the detainees be granted immediate access to their families and legal representatives; and Recommends that the government of Eritrea takes appropriate measures to ensure payment of compensation to the detainees. "
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