A decade awaiting trial draws to a close for South African treason trialists

Du Toit brothers arrested in 2002, found guilty in 2012.

Judge Eben Jordaan found said the evidence showed Du Toit was the author of a "war plan", known as Document 12, found on his computer after police raided his house in October 2001.

The plan entailed creating chaos in the country, taking over military bases and cities, chasing blacks and Indians out of the country, and replacing the African National Congress-led government with white Afrikaner military rule.

Du Toit had often discussed creating a "trigger" for the coup and chasing blacks into the sea. Ideas for the "trigger" included blowing up the Vaal dam, shooting down a Boeing, creating a "World Trade Centre situation", cutting off electricity to major cities, and the death of former president Nelson Mandela.

Even though the key evidence used to convict the brothers was obtained in the 2001 raid, the trial commenced in 2003 and continued for 9 years.

The judge explained the delays by referring to various applications brought by the accused, as well as the more than 700 witness statements that formed part of the docket. He also referred to the entering of a special plea in court and an application for the judge to recuse himself from the case.

Judge Jordaan also cited various bail applications and applications against Correctional Services regarding their conditions of incarceration as factors that delayed the trial.

The prosecution is hopeful of obtaining convictions against the 18 other members of the group.

Some members of the group were divorced during their time awaiting trial while others had children born.

Judgment continues in the North Gauteng High Court.



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