This section contains a brief description of the legal system of Chad.

Chad became independent from France on 11 August 1960. Chad's first president, François Tombalbaye, ruled until 1975 when he was killed during a military coup. A short period of military government was followed by civil war, complicated by military incursions by Libya apparently motivated by the belief in uranium deposits in the Aouzou Strip in the extreme north of Chad, bordering Libya.

A military coup lead by by Idriss Déby in 1990 was followed by transitional government until 1996, when rebel groups signed peace agreements, a consitution was approved by referendum, and a multiparty presidential election was held.

Déby, who has lead for more than 20 years, remains President, and was re-elected to a fourth term in 2011.

Chad has a mixed legal system of civil and customary law.

Chad has a constitution dating from 1996, amended substantially in 2005, in particular to remove presidential term limits.


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