Prison Watch Sierra Leone

Prison Watch Sierra Leone was founded in 1996 which monitors and reports on prisons and detention conditions.

Prison Watch Sierra Leone was formed to monitor human rights violation and abuses in detention centers throughout the country. It is managed by a small team of staff inspired by their human rights convictions.

The organisation monitors and reports on prisons and detention conditions and provides training for detention officers and civil societies members on human rights. The aim is to ensure that people deprived of the liberty are held in safe custody and under condition consonant with human rights.

In Sierra Leone there is a belief that one should not talk about prisoners. The public perceive prison and places of detention as a place where people "should be sent to rot".

Penal institutions tend not to meet international standards; people who attempt to advocate on their behalf do not receive public sympathy and support.

The mandate of Prison Watch Sierra Leone is to:

  • Provide a focal point relating to all issues of prisoners and detainees in Sierra Leone
  • Monitor and report human rights violations or abuses in detention centers.
  • Provide a link between detainees and their relatives
  • Advocate against arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention
  • Provide legal and physical aid to victims of abuse
  • Advocate against the death penalty.


37 Mends Street
Sierra Leone;



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