Resource Oriented Development Initiative

Resource Oriented Development Initiative (RODI) Kenya aims to reduce crime and re-offending by training school pupils and prisoners in organic agriculture, agro-processing, natural resource management, HIV/AIDs, and substance abuse prevention.

Resource Oriented Development Initiative (RODI) was formed in 1989 as a community-based organisation (CBO) interested in promoting alternative forms of agriculture within the reach of poor farmers, and was originally known as the Organic Farming Outreach Programme (OFOP). RODI is registered as an NGO in Kenya and as a charity in the UK.

RODI has two strategic programmes:

  • Schools Organic Agriculture Programme (SOAP)
  • Prisoner Rehabilitation Programme (PREP).

Under PREP, there is a Pre-trial Detainees and Crime Prevention Project.

The first component of this project is capacity building of detainees. This involves building the capacity of pre-trial detainees and their family members to know and understand their legal rights and the legal procedures which need to be followed in their cases, so that they know what actions to take and where to seek help. It also involves linking detainees with their families, if they were taken into custody without the knowledge of their next of kin.

The project further seeks to document cases of petty offenders in pre-trial detention in order to understand the cause of their detention, for use in preventing imprisonment, crime and re-offending and for advocacy.

The project further seeks to building the capacity of RODI staff, prison officers, probation officers, police and local leaders to enhance the implementation of the project. Finally it involves building the capacity of the Kenyan communities to know their legal rights and legal procedures using local media.

The second component involves using ex-detainees to educate the community on rights and legal procedures.

RODI currently works with 33 penal institutions in Nyanza, Western, Central, Rift Valley, Coast, Eastern and Nairobi Provinces.

RODI's main office is in Ruiri, 25km north-east of Nairobi.


RODI, PO Box 746-00232, RUIRI, KENYA

Telephone: +254 20 2044799







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