Socio-Economic Rights and Transformation in SA

In 2001 – 2003, the Socio-Economic Rights Project embarked on a research project to examine the implications of socio-economic rights for social policy in a range of social sectors, and to explore their contribution to transformation in South Africa.

In this examination, particular attention was paid to the implications of the evolving jurisprudence on these rights for social policy development and law reform.

The project entailed commissioning a range of research papers from researchers, activists and academics with expertise and experience in various fields. The principles laid down in the landmark decision of Government of South Africa v Grootboom were used to evaluate progress in implementing socio-economic rights and to identify future challenges. The papers were presented at a colloquium held during March 2002 entitled: Realising Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa: Progress and Challenges.

The research papers were also published in 2003 in two special editions of the journal of the UWC Law Faculty, Law, Democracy and Development (Butterworths).

The research project on Socio-Economic Rights and Transformation in South Africa was funded by the Ford Foundation.