Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2000

Amendments to the Structures Act: Last Minute Changes

On 21 September 2000 the National Assembly approved important amendments to the Municipal Structures Act. The National Council of Provinces Approved the bill on 3 October. It is expected that the Local Government Structures Amendment Bill B51B-2000 will become law by middle-October.

District Municipalities: Their role and function

District municipalities, having shared authority with local municipalities will be a significant innovation brought by the final phase of local government transformation. It is therefore important to clearly define the role and function of 47 district municipalities that will be established on election day in November.

Provincial Supervision of the New Municipalities: The Challenges ahead

The Constitution requires from provinces to monitor, support and, if necessary intervene in a municipality. The new local government dispensation, establishing metropolitan, district and local municipalities, will impact on the way provinces execute their constitutional obligations of monitoring and support. This article examines how provinces should respond to those challenges.

SALGA's Election strategy

The SALGA Elections Strategy comprises two main focus areas. Part one of the strategy relates to the Record of Understanding that SALGA entered into with the IEC. Part two represents SALGA specific issues regarding the elections and the period immediately after elections.

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