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Volume 6, Issue 4, September 2004.

Equal Gender Representation? Audit of Local Government

Salga conducted an audit to determine the extent to which woman are represented and participate in local government. It focused on two areas: the elected representatives and the employed officials in municipalities. The purpose of the audit was to determine if women's representation has increased since 2000.

Supply Chain Management and Public-Private Partnership Provisions.

Chapter 11 of the Municipal Finance Management Act came into force on 1 July 2004. This chapter contains provisions that strictly regulate the acquiring of goods and services and the disposal of municipal assets. A sound knowledge and understanding of its provisions is therefore an essential requirement for all municipalities and municipal entities.

Powers Over Liquor Matters: A Case Study of Provincial and Local Powers over Retail Liquor.

The demarcation of local government powers vis-a-vis other spheres of government is fast becoming a critical area of research and intergovernmental dialogue. It is expected that municipalities will start asserting their institutional integrity. This article presents a case study of the demarcation of the powers of local government in the regulation of the liquor retail industry.

From the Courts: Notifying the IEC of a Floor-Crossing.

The Constitution of South Africa Amendment Act 18 of 2002 and the Local Government: Municipal Structures Amendment Act 20 of 2002 contain provisions designed to allow defection by an elected representative from one political party to another.

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