Volume 8, Issue 3, July 2006

Commonwealth Local Government Meets.
Author: Reuben Baatjies
The Commonwealth Local Government Forum is the voice of local government in the commonwealth, representing local authorities, local government ministries, local government associations, NGO's and other local government stakeholders.
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District Intergovernmental Forums: Best Practices From the Past
Author: Coel Kirkby
By August 2006, all district municipalities must have established district intergovernmental forums. The intergovernmental Relation Framework Act of 2005 prescribed these forums to provide a framework for co-operation and co-ordination between districts and their locals.
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From the Courts: Extending Municipal Managers Contracts
Author: Professor Nico Steytler
The Change of government in the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Council has also seen a change in the office of the municipal manager. Although the decision of the Cape High Court in Mgoqi v City of Cape Town dealt with a number of issues, at the core of the dispute was whether the the outgoing mayor could have extended the contract of the then municipal manager, Wallace Mgoqi.
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Legal Briefs: Proportional Leadership?
Author: Prof Nico Steytler
Let's say that in a collective executive system, Party A has 37 councillors, Party B has 13 and Party C has one. The Executive Committee has 10 Members and five standing committees. Is Party B entitled to chair a standing committee on the basis of proportionality.
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Local Government: A Key Player in the Build-Up to 2010.
Author: Reuben Baatjies
With the FIFA World Cup in Germany now over, four billion eyes will turn to South Africa and its cities to judge their readiness to host the prestigious event in 2010. Over 350 000 visitors are expected to descend to on the country to join 2.7 million local spectators for 43 days to watch some of the best national soccer teams in the world.
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Managing Expectations While Commiting to Improved Service.
Author: Zenobia Africa
The writing of the Buffalo City Service Charter was an iterative process that involved a cross-section of officials in the municipality. During the sessions, the measurability of the promises and pledges on quality was hotly debated. Officials agreed that in the case of some services, like water and sanitation, there are national standards with which they have to comply.
Local Government Bulletin lgb-municipal-expenditure lgb-infrastructure
Tying Municipal Manager's Pay to Performance.
Author: Yonatan Tesfaye Fessha
Municipal managers are well paid-too well, it has sometimes been argued. Many wonder why the head public servants of local government should earn more than mayors, or in some cases even the President. The remuneration of managers became a hot issue in the run-up to the recent local government elections. the Department of Provincial and Government recently gazetted new regulations on the performance and remuneration of municipal managers.
lgb-municipal-administration Local Government Bulletin lgb-municipal-expenditure lgb-governance

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