Volume 9, Issue 5, November/December 2007.

Review of the White Paper on Local Government: A Civil Society Perspective.
Author: Good Governance Learning Network
This submission by the Good Governance Learning Network to the local government review provides an assessment of the practice of local governance in South Africa since the introduction of the White Paper in 1998. It is structured around three key thematic areas, which we believe together encompass the entire spectrum of issues that need to be reviewed
Local Government Bulletin lgb-policy-framework
Facilitating Public Participation: A Niche Role For the Speaker
Author: Reuben Baatjies
Considerable attention has been drawn to local governement's ability to facilitate public participation and the role and effective administration of ward committees. Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of the local government review is the need to improve the quality of local democracy, the degree of municipal responsiveness and accountability.
Local Government Bulletin lgb-governance
Legal Briefs.
Author: MLGI(Community Law Centre)
Do Property Rates Expire After Three Or After Thirty Years?
Local Government Bulletin lgb-municipal-revenue
The Emergence of Local Government in Ethiopia.
Author: Yonathan Fessha
Until recently, local government in Ethiopia was treated as a "stepchild" of central and regional government. Although a strongly federal government has been in place since 1995, devolution of power has largely been limited to the regional level without any clear definition of the lower tiers of government.
Local Government Bulletin lgb-local-government-africa
The Functioning of Ward Committees. Challenges and Prospects.
Author: Dr Jaap de Visser
Ward committees were formally introduced in 2000, and many municipalities soon commenced the process of establishing them. The establishment rate of ward committees across the country now stands at over 90% and is growing, indicating a firm commitment to this mode of community participation. This article submits a few observations on some of the obstacles to the functionality of ward committees.
Local Government Bulletin lgb-governance
The Municipal Fiscal Powers and Functions Act.
Author: Wendy Fanoe
The Municipal Fiscal Powers and Functions Act gives effect to section 229 (1) and 229 (2) of the Constitution and is one of the final building blocks in the creation of a regulatory framework to coordinate macro-economic tax policy objectives across all three spheres of government.
lgb-powers-functions Local Government Bulletin lgb-policy-framework
The SALGA Country Guideline For Local Government on HIV and AIDS.
Author: SALGA
As one of the mandates of local AIDS councils (LACs) is to advise government on policy issues related to HIV and AIDS, political representation in the LAC helps ensure that crucial inputs on AIDS councils reach the agenda of the municipal council. This is one example of the type of local government leadership required to ensure widespread and sustainable responses to HIV and AIDS at the local level.
Local Government Bulletin lgb-policy-framework
Unsolicited Bids in the Disposal of Municipal Immovable Property.
Author: Shaista Kazee
Section 14 of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) read with the Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations issued in terms of the of the MMFA regulates the disposal of capital assets owned by municipalities.
Local Government Bulletin lgb-municipal-expenditure

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