Author: Kristen
Published: 15 Jan 2018
The Malawi High Court ruled that the arrest of 24 people, primarily women, during a police sweeping exercise, was unlawful. The applicants challenged their arrest and conviction for being idle and disorderly persons.
Malawi High Court sets aside vagrancy convictions
Author: Kristen
Published: 23 Dec 2017
The Malawi High Court has quashed the convictions of 24 people, primarily women, for the vagrancy offence of ‘being idle and disorderly persons.’
Outdated offences Decriminalisation Pre-trial detention ACJR News
Paralegals need formal recognition in Africa
Author: Jean
Published: 11 Nov 2017
A regional conference held in Malawi, the birthplace of paralegalism, called upon states to recognise and support the key role played by paralegals in the criminal justice system. The conference proceedings were facilitated by ACJR researcher Jean Redpath.
Paralegals ACJR News
Zambia seeks to address congestion in correctional facilities
Author: Safeeya
Published: 23 Oct 2017
Zambia's average prison population was 21,000 against a holding capacity of only 8,500 in 2016. A symposium in which ACJR participated resulted in the establishment of technical working groups to address key aspects of the problem.
UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution
Author: Safeeya
Published: 10 Oct 2017
Proper file and data management is among the calls made to states in this resolution. Proper data collection is a key ACJR interest.
Seminar "From Safety to Cruelty", addressing South Africa's super-maximum prisons
Author: Gwen
Published: 12 Sep 2017
ACJR's Gwen Dereymaeker presentation made at the seminar organised by the South African Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services on super-maximum prisons on 7 September 2017 at the Durban Correctional Centre.
JICS Super-maximum Seminar DCS ACJR News Solitary confinement Presentation South Africa
Conference addresses Discriminatory Petty Offences in Africa
Author: Kristen
Published: 13 Jul 2017
ACJR participated in the 8th Annual Conference of the Pan African Lawyers Union Seminar focusing on Initiatives for the Decriminalisation and Declassification of Petty Offences in Africa held in Durban, South Africa from 5 – 8 July 2017.
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