From 1990 to 1994, the Community Law Centre (now: Dullah Omar Institute) focused its work on shaping a democratic South Africa. Under the leadership of Adv Dullah Omar, the Centre directly influenced the constitutional negotiations with academic research.

The Centre produced many papers, drafted by some of the African National Congress' key negotiators, on topics related to the quest for a constitutional democracy. Some of the papers can be downloaded below.

A Proposed Land Reform Programme For Zimbabwe.
Robert B. Siedman
08 Jul, 1983

This article was written in 1983 and describes three bills then proposed as the basis of a land reform programme. The paper argues first, that Zimbabwe's land problems in a large part arose out of the received legal order, both in terms of roman-dutch law, legislation and the law relating to land in what Zimbabwe now called communal areas. Secondly, it then discusses the Lancanster House Constitution and the serious but not insurmountable constraints on land reform the Constitution imposed. Finally, the paper discusses the three Acts that embodied the core of a possible land reform legislative programme.

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