SARChI Chair in Multilevel Government, Law and Policy

Prof Nico Steytler is the SARChI Chair in Multilevel Government, Law and Policy. The Chair was established in 2013 and deals with how development in South Africa, and elsewhere in Africa, can be advanced through multilevel governance (MLG) embedded in the rule of law.

The research has five focal areas:

  • examining the strengths and weaknesses of MLG in South Africa, resulting in publications on policy, laws, jurisprudence, and practice
  • the use of MLG as a vehicle for peace-making, state-building and development in Africa. In this regard, the South Africa-Kenya Dialogue on Devolution, a joint project with Katiba Institute in Nairobi is nearing completion
  • how MLG – a dominant feature in all five BRICS countries – is impacted on and, in turn, may impact on the BRICS’s initiative. A major international conference on this topic is scheduled for October 2015
  • locating the South African and African MLG experience within the global discourse. In 2014 the Chair hosted an international conference on Concurrent powers in federal systems:
  • building intellectual capacity through a dedicated masters in MLG, a doctoral programme and post-doctoral fellowships. In the past two years three doctoral degrees and seven masters degrees were completed.
Author: Karel
Published: Feb 13, 2017
Author: Karel
Published: Feb 09, 2017
Author: Jaap
Published: Feb 07, 2017

The South African Research Chair in Multilevel Government, Law and Policy started in 2013. It continues the work of the Local Government Project of the Community Law Centre (later: Dullah Omar Institute). Below is a selection of research papers published by the Community Law Centre on provincial and local government matters.

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