Prof Nico Steytler

SARChI Chair in Multlevel Government, Law and Development

Professor Nico Steytler is the  SARChI Chair in Multlevel Government, Law and Development. He is the former director of the Community Law Centre of the University of the Western Cape, a research and advocacy institute that works for the realisation of the democratic values and human rights enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution. He was also appointed a member of the Financial Fiscal Commission. He has been involved in the development of the new constitutional order for the past decade. He was a technical advisor to the Constitutional Assembly drafting the 1996 Constitution (1995-6) as well as a technical advisor to the Western Cape Provincial Legislature on the drafting of a provincial constitution (1996-7). His main field of research is intergovernmental relations and local government.

Click here for a list of Prof Nico Steytler's Publications.

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