Tinashe Carlton Chigwata

Senior Researcher
Tinashe Carlton Chigwata is a Senior Researcher at the Dullah Omar Institute. He works with the SARChI Chair in Multilevel Government, Law and Policy as well as in the Applied Constitutional Studies Laboratory (ACSL). He holds a PhD in Public Law from the University of the Western Cape. Dr Chigwata undertakes research, teaching, and consultancy on local and regional governments, multilevel government (decentralisation, federalism, comparative federalism) and other governance-related matters such as corruption and elections. He has authored several academic publications on these areas.  Dr Chigwata also manages and teaches in the LLM/MPhil in Law, State and Multi-level Government Programme offered by the Institute.

Recent Publications

Chigwata TC (2019) (with De Visser J and Kaywood L) (editors) The Journey to Transform Local   Government (in South Africa), Juta, Cape Town.

Chigwata TC (2018) Provincial and Local Government Reform in Zimbabwe: An Analysis of the Law, Policy and Practice, Juta, Cape Town.

Chigwata TC (with Marumahoko S and Nhede NT)  (2018) Participatory Budgeting in the City of Kwekwe (Zimbabwe): A perspective on the Issues, Trends and Options, African Journal of Public Affairs, Volume 10, Number 4, December 2018, pp 196-211.

Chigwata TC (with Marumahoko S (2018) Intergovernmental planning and budgeting in Zimbabwe: Historical overview and relevance under the new constitutional order, Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, December 2017, Issue 20, pp 172-186.

Chigwata TC (with Ziswa M (2018) Entrenching Decentralisation in Africa: A Review of the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralisation, Local Governance and Local Development Hague Journal on the Rule Law Vol 10, Issue 2, pp 295–316 https://doi.org/10.1007/s40803-018-0070-9

Chigwata TC (with De Visser J) (2017) Local Government in the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe: Defining the boundaries of local autonomy, Hague Journal on the Rule of Law, Vol 10, Issue 1, pp165-185 https://doi.org/10.1007/s40803-017-0063-0

Chigwata TC (with Muchapondwa V and De Visser J) (2017) ‘Ministerial Directives to Local Government in Zimbabwe: Top-Down Governance in a Decentralised Constitution’ Journal of African Law, Vol 61, Issue, pp 41–56 https://doi.org/10.1017/S0021855317000079

Chigwata TC (2017) ‘Fiscal decentralisation: Constraints to revenue-raising by local governments in Zimbabwe in Eris Schoburgh & Roberta Ryan (eds)The Handbook of Research on Subnational governments and development, IGI Global, .

Chigwata TC (2016) ‘Three Years into the Implementation of the Zimbabwean Constitution of 2013: Progress, Challenges, Prospects and Lessons’ in Fombad C The Implementation of Modern African Constitutions: Challenges and Prospects, Pretoria University Law Press, Pretoria.

Chigwata TC (2016) ‘The institution of traditional leadership in Zimbabwe: Examining the role of chiefs’ Law, Democracy and Development Journal Vol 20, No 1, pp 69-90.

Chigwata TC (2015) ‘Decentralization in Africa and the Resilience of Traditional Authorities: Evaluating Zimbabwe's Track Record, Journal of Regional and Federal Studies Vol 25, Issue 5, pp 439-453.

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