In 2005, the Children’s Rights Project undertook extensive research on children used by adults or other older children to commit crime (CUBAC). The Project undertook this work for Towards the Elimination of the worst forms of Child Labour (TECL), a technical assistance project to the Department of Labour (DoL) and executing agency for the Child Labour Action Programme (CLAP). This executing agency has been adopted by a wide range of South African government departments, such as those responsible for justice, social development, labour, education, safety and security and local government.
CUBAC Publications

The use of children in the commission of crime is considered a worst form of child labour in terms of the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention of the International Labour Organisation. The project, Children Used by Adults to Commit Crime (CUBAC), was formed in 2005 to address this issue.

Final Report on Pilot Programme Implementation

The Final Report on Pilot Programme Implementation was prepared by the Children's Rights Project, Community Law Centre, UWC (17 April 2007). This report constitutes the narrative account of the implementation of the pilot programmes on children used by adults to commit crime (CUBAC).

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