Chido Octavious Masunda & Wurayayi Zembe - National University of Science and Technology, Lecturers

The Global political agreement (GPA) constitution making process in Zimbabwe: A new people-driven constitution or a misnomer?

 The paper aims to provide an analytical assessment of the GPA constitution-making process that produced the select Parliamentary Committee  draft constitution with a view to explore whether the people of Zimbabwe now have a new people-driven constitution that was produced through a democratic people-driven constitution-making process or there is in place just another new amendment to the existing Lancaster House Colonial Constitution of Zimbabwe, amendment number 20.

About Chido Octavious Masunda
Octavious Chido Masunda is currently a lecturer at the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe, a post he has held for the last four years. Before this posting he served in Zimbabwe's Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in the office of the Deputy Sheriff and Messenger of the Court. He is also an Advisory Board member of the United Movement to End Child Soldiering, an international organisation that works to end child soldiering in the Great Lakes region. Masunda holds a Master’s degree in Peace and Governance from the Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance at Africa University. His research interests are in the areas of youth and democracy, nonviolence, reconciliation and relational peace building.

About Wurayayi Zembe
Wurayayi Zembe began his professional career in 1981 and he was admitted in 1990 as an associate member of the institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators International. In 2007 he received a Master’s degree in Peace and Governance from Africa University’s Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance. He expects to complete his PhD in Management and Governance at the Centre for Research, Christ University Bangalore, India in October 2013. He is the Governor General of the Zembe Development School of Accountancy. Before founding the development school, he had previously worked in a variety of fields including non-governmental organisation, private sector and public service where he rose to become Senior Accountant. His business and work experience span 35 years. In 1992 Zembe observed general elections held in the United States of America and in 2004 he also observed elections held in the Republic of South Africa. He is the President of the Democratic Party, a political organisation launched on 28 September 1991 which is fighting for constitutional multiparty democracy in Zimbabwe.


Draft conference paper can be accessed HERE. Note this is draft only not for quotation purposes.

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