Laurent Sermet / mentions "joint paper" - Université de la Réunion (University of Reunion Island), Professor

Juge et crise. Réflexions sur les jurisprudences des Cours constitutionnelles de Madagascar et des Comores (Judge and Crisis. Thoughts on the jurisprudence of the constitutional courts of Madagascar and Comores)

High Constitutional Court of Madagascar promotes the rule of law and redefines a normative pyramid during a transitional period. However, the democratic transition also requires legal redefinition of society. Paper will examine whether the transitional laws are sufficient to fill the institutional gap that must be filled to ensure a successful transition. The paper will also examine the ruling of the Comores constitutional court on the legality of the report of the national elections.


About Laurent Sermet
Laurent Sermet is a professor of public law based in La Réunion Island University. He is specialised in Human rights, Public international law, Legal Anthropology. He has participated to the Panafrican Moot Court competition many times and as has extensively written on Indian Ocean legal systems. His last book was named: Legal Anthropology on Human Rights in Indian Ocean. One of its last articles to be published is about The constitutionalism process in the south african Bantoustans and the Human rights. He is conducting a research on one of the last case of decolonisation in Pacific Ocean and its links with Indigenous people rights (New-Caledonia).

Draft conference paper can be accessed HERE. Note this is draft only not for quotation purposes.

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