Melizsa Mugyenyi

The Judiciary - Emerging Vanguard of Kenya's Constitution Implementation process

Kenyans adopted the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 in an environment of acute political uncertainty. Post-promulgation and political cleavages had deepened considerably. At the same time, the Judiciary commenced extensive internal reforms. A combination of fractured leadership and a visibly reforming Judiciary has led to the implementation process being safeguarded primarily through the Courts. The Paper critically analyses the role of the Judiciary in this context.

About Melizsa Mugyenyi
Melizsa Mugyenyi is an international development practitioner with a thematic focus in the governance and rule of law sectors, and regional interest in East Africa. She holds a BAA in International Relations & Politics (University of Sheffield), an MA in law, Development & Globalisation (Univeristy of London, School of Oriental and African studies - SOAS) and is currently pursuing an MSc in Public Policy and Management (SOAS). As an independent program management and development specialist Mugyenyi has acquired extensive experience in the inter-governmental, charity and corporate sectors at both field and headquarter level. She has managed a multi-donor funded program for the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) to support processes of constitution and judicial reform in Kenya, and has led East Africa business development initiatives for a London based NGO with a focus on legal empowerment for indigenous communities. Mugyenyi 's entry into the field of international development began with GIZ in Nairobi, post 2007-8 election crisis. There, she worked on various institutional, anti-corruption, post-conflict reconciliation and justice reform projects. Of note, Mugyenyi coordinated the implementation of the GIZ'S technical support to Kenya's constitution design group, the Committee of Experts on Constitution Review (CoE). Outside of International development, Mugyenyi has applied her East Africa regional knowledge in the corporate world to conduct political and violence risk analysis, forecasting and due diligence for a number of leading international intelligence agencies.

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