Moses Tofa & Rejoice Makaudze - King's College London, Conflict,Security and Development Group

Games politicians play: Zimbabwe and the making of a metaphorical constitution

Zimbabwe's constitution-making process began in April 2009. The preparation of the drft constitution was not only protracted but it was characterized by bitter inter-party struggle as vociferous principle took tenacious positions. This development has been regarded by many Zimbabweans and the international community at large as a sign that the country had turned a new page.


About Moses Tofa
Moses Tofa is a Zimbabwean political analyst and researcher. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Master of Science in International Relations awarded by the University of Zimbabwe. He also holds a Master of Arts in International Peace and Security from King’s College, University of London. He is a Peace and Security Scholar with the African Leadership Centre.

About Rejoice Makaudze
Rejoice Makaudze a holder of a Master in Peace and Governance and a Bachelor of Arts with Education. Both degrees were awarded by Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe.Am a part time Researcher with the Mass Public Opinion Institute.

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