Ngcimezile Mweso, University of the Western Cape, Doctoral Candidate

The limits of State Power through Constitutional Supremacy: A case of Academic Freedom Struggle in Malawi

The abstract analyses how the separation of powers between the executive and the courts entrenched constitutional freedom for academic lecturers threatened by the state. The article argues that the consistent upholding of Constitutional supremacy by the courts. Executive actions, decisions or conduct to victimise the lecturers in the struggle continued until victory was won.

About Ngcimezile Mweso
She is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Malawi, Chancellor College who is currently studying towards her LLD at the University of Western Cape and is a doctoral researcher in the Community Law Centre. She has been involved in advocacy and training in human rights in Malawi especially as regards women and children. Her research interests include social economic rights and good governance. She has published on HIV and Aids and gender equality.