Tobias Guzura - Zimbabwe Open University, Senior Lecturer and Founding Dean

Constitution making under governments of National Unity: The Zimbabwean Case 2009-2013

Paper shows that the process was fraught with irregularities and ushered in a negotiated constitution in place of the initially touted people driven constitution. It intends to reveal the pitfalls of a negotiated constitution making process. Concludes that in a transitional period, people driven constitution making is at least too ambitious and at the worst totally unfeasible.

About Tobias Guzura
Tobias Guzura is a Senior Lecturer with the Zimbabwe Open University where he teaches in Conflict, Peace, Governance and Development. He has previously lectured in the same areas and Gender Studies at the Midlands state University. Prior to joining Higher education, Tobias Guzura was a high school teacher with the Public Service Commission in Zimbabwe. He holds a Masters degree in Conflict resolution and Peace Studies from the University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa, Masters and Honours degrees in Development Studies and History and Development Studies respectively, both from the Midlands State University in Gweru, Zimbabwe and a Diploma in Education in High School teaching from the University of Zimbabwe. His research interests are in Governance, democratisation and human rights, land and agrarian reform and rural development, African nationalism, contemporary African politics with specific reference to Southern Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular.


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