Forum on ‘Kenya-South Africa dialogue on devolution and decentralisation

The Community Law Centre and the South African Research Chair in Multilevel Government hosted a one day forum on “Kenya-South Africa dialogue on devolution and decentralisation” on 13 June 2013 at Lagoon Beach in Cape Town.

The forum is part of a project being implemented by the CLC in collaboration with the Katiba Institute (a Kenyan Civil Society Organisation) on Kenyan and South African devolution systems.

Kenya is currently in its early stages of implementing a comprehensive system of devolved government that was adopted in the 2010 Constitution. Kenya’s devolution structure borrowed heavily from the South African structure whose 20 years of experience with implementation may offer useful lessons to Kenya. The Kenya-South Africa dialogue on devolution seeks to evaluate the It is also an opportunity to evaluate the South African implementation thus far.

In the CLC/ KI project, Kenyan and South African authors have been paired up to write on similar topics of devolution in the two countries which will form a basis for peer learning from the two countries. The planned forum will offer an opportunity for the South African authors to present their draft chapters/ detailed outlines. Authors will make presentations on various topics on devolution and highlight the main learnings that have emerged from the 20 years of devolution in South Africa, including lessons that can be borrowed by Kenya.

The authors will receive input and comments on their drafts ahead of a larger forum in Nairobi that will involve all authors and other stakeholders from the Kenyan side. Your participation in the planned forum will be highly appreciated.

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