ACSL delivers Civic Protest Barometer 2018 Fact Sheet #1

Dullah Omar Institute’s Applied Constitutional Studies Laboratory has released its first Fact Sheet , Civic Protest Barometer 2018 - Drop in Civic protests in South Africa in 2017.

The Civic Protest Barometer tracks civic protests across South Africa, which are a specific form of protest, directed at municipalities.

In a local government system that was built to advance human rights, social justice and civic participation, civic protest is a symptom of social exclusion and the fragility of state institutions. South Africa serves as a key comparative case study.  


Since its first publication in 2014, the CPB has established itself as the leading measure of civic protests in South Africa.

As in the 2014 and 2016 editions, CPB 2018 tracks variables related to civic protests.

Four factsheets will be published focusing on the following variables:

  • Fact Sheet #1: Trends in the number of protests (2007 to 2017).
  • Fact Sheet #2: Trends in violent civic protest (2007 to 2017).
  • Fact Sheet #3: Geographical spread of protest (2007 to 2017).
  • Fact Sheet #4: Grievances behind protest action (2012 to 2017).

The 2018 edition of the Civic Protest Barometer  (CPB) will be published in February 2018 with further detailed analysis of these and other findings.

Please follow this link to access the Civic Protest Barometer 2018 Fact Sheet #1

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