Article 40 now available!

In this edition of our Article 40, we begin with a feature on consensual sexual relations among children. Ms Zita Hansungule, Project Coordinator, Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication, at the Centre for Child Law, University of Pretoria, also delivers a case note that reviews the approach taken by the court in the recent case of S v EA 2014 (1) SACR 183 (NCK).

 The third feature expounds on the oversight role of Parliament in monitoring the (implementation of the) Child Justice Act. Lorenzo Wakefield and Samantha Waterhouse present and analyse the challenges that have trailed the full and proper implementation of the Child Justice Act with a focus on the role of the Inter-sectoral Committee for Child Justice, the establishment of which is mandated by section 94(1) of the Act.

Once again, maintaining its spotlight on regional and global developments, the last article, by Edmund Foley, former Head and Senior Researcher of the CLC’s Children’s Rights Project, presents an overview of the restorative justice mechanism under the Children’s Protection and Welfare Act, 2011 of Lesotho.

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