[Call for Applications] Online Course on Community-Based Paralegals (5 - 30 June 2023)

The Socio-Economic Rights Project of the Dullah Omar Institute for Constitutional Law, Governance and Human Rights (DOI), the University of the Western Cape in collaboration with the African Centre of Excellence for Access to Justice (ACE-AJ) and with the support of the Mott Foundation will be hosting an online course on community-based paralegals.

The course will take place online from 5 to 30 June 2023 with weekly readings and assessments over a period of one month. Applications are invited from persons working with or interested in the role of Community-Based Paralegals. Members of CSOs, NGOs, academia, judicial officers, prosecutors, investigators, paralegals.

Click here to register.

To contact the course conveners, send an email to serp@uwc.ac.za and ksapto@uwc.ac.za

This course is free of charge



  1. What is the course about?
    • The course gives the background to community-based paralegals, the current legal framework in international, continental and national law, recognition and regulation as well as good practices. A Zoom meeting will be called to discuss this content, shortly after registration.
  2. Can South Africans and non-South Africans apply for this course.
    • Anyone across the world can apply. The course will take place in South African Central African Time.
  3.  When will the classes take place and will it take place virtually?
    • The course is a self-paced course which you will take in the comfort of your home/ work. You will be introduced to an online platform called IKamva (available on desktop and phones). You will self-teach yourself with the available resources and do a very short test at the end of the week. The platform will be open to you during the duration of the course.  There is no allotted time to attend lectures. You will be invited for an online meeting after the registration period to guide you on how to use the platform. The video for the meeting will be available to download and watch over and over again.
  4.  Will the classes be recorded and how can you access the recording? 
    • All the classes are self-regulated by yourself at your own pace during the subsistence of the course. You read the weekly materials and then do the test online at the end of the week. You will have two chances to do the test and the highest mark will be recorded. The materials will be available on a platform called IKamva which you will be able to access during the subsistence and a few months after the course.
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