Call for Applications: Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law, focusing on Local Government - 2025 intake

Are you a local government practitioner, public servant, member of the legal profession, consultant or a member of a civil society organisation working in local government? This programme is for you!

The Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) is a unique programme, aimed at practitioners. It will equip you with knowledge of the South African local government system, and with skills to apply this knowledge in practice.

In addition, you will learn basic principles of public and administrative law with an emphasis on key local government areas, such as procurement and planning. The Programme is multi-disciplinary: it focuses on local government law, but is combined with political science, economics, finance and public administration to ensure a realistic and holistic approach to all aspects of municipal governance. It also looks across South Africa’s boundaries and compares our local government system with other systems on the continent.

The PG Dip is a gateway to senior positions in municipalities, provincial and national government, the private sector and civil society. Completion of the PG Dip may also assist students to gain access to the LLM/MPhil programme in Multilevel Government offered by the DOI, but this is by no means automatic. Students who have completed the PG Dip and wish to pursue the LLM/Mphil Programme may apply and admission will be subject to selection by the Institute and/or the Faculty.

Applications for the 2025 academic year are OPEN until 30 September 2024.


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