CLC Profs address seminar on emerging issues on devolution and jurisprudence

Prof Nico Steytler and Prof Jaap de Visser addressed a group of Kenyan judges as part of a seminar, which was organised by Kenya’s Judiciary Training Institute in collaboration with the Katiba Institute (headed by Prof Yash Pal Ghai).

 Kenya’s Constitution devolves significant power to the 47counties in a manner that resembles many of the provisions in the South African Constitution. There are thus many useful comparisons to be made between the two countries.

Prof Steytler addressed the judges on the history of provinces and local government in South Africa and on the manner in which the South African judiciary has interpreted provincial and local powers.

Prof De Visser addressed the judges on how South Africa’s judiciary dealt with human rights violations by provinces and local governments and on how judges have used their power tocraft remedies in the context of intergovernmental relations.

Former CLC doctoral researchers Dr Conrad Bosire and Dr Mutakha Kangu also addressed the judges in what turned out to be a dynamic and constructive engagement.

The engagement is set to result in a book about devolution in Kenya. The International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) and Kenya’s Institute for Social Accountability have joined efforts in commencing a book project on the topics of the seminar. Dr Conrad Bosire (Katiba Institute) and Ms Wanjiru Gikonyo [Shown in the picture] from Institute for Social Accountability will co-edit the book which promises to be critical addition to the literature on devolution in Kenya.

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