Community Law Centre sparks a dialogue on constitution making in the Arab

Prof Steytler, Prof Philippe led a dialogue on key challenges that face constitution makers in Libya and Tunisia during a Policy Dialogue organised by Community Law Centre’s Multi-Level Government Initiative yesterday.

17 May 2013: Professor Xavier Philippe and Professor Nico Steytler, who have been engaged in some of the constitutional debates in Tunisia and Libya, spoke to some issues at the heart of constitution making in Tunisia and Libya yesterday.

They discussed this during a Policy Dialogue on “Constitution making in the aftermath of the Arab Spring: Challenges and prospects in Tunisia and Libya” organised by the Community Law Centre. The professors introduced the key challenges that face constitution makers in these two countries and reflect on the prospects of success.

Proffessor Phillipe discussed the state in Tunisia where the questions of limited government and the bill of rights have proved to be problematic. Professor Steytler, the South African Research Chair in Multilevel Government, Law and Policy at the Community Law Centre, UWC, has participated in a number of workshops in Tripoli with government official, politicians and civil society groups on devolution in Libya. In Libya the character of the state is hotly debated around the issue of devolution.

Since the Arab spring three years ago in Tunisia, a number of North African countries have been grappling with constitution making to reconstruct new governance systems. Key challenges faced by constitution drafters have been constitutionalism, limited government and the nature of the state.

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The Community Law Centre is founded on the belief that constitutional orders must promote good governance, socio-economic development and the protection of the rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Through engaged research, engaged teaching and advocacy, the Centre supports processes in South Africa and the region to build inclusive, resilient states that are accountable to citizens and responsive to human rights. The Centre aims to be the leading think tank on multi-level governance and human rights in Africa.

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