DOI Doctoral Researcher Receives Award: Winner of the Food Environments and the Law Student Writing Competition

The Dullah Omar Institute is proud to announce that Paula Knipe, doctoral researcher in the Socio-Economic Rights Project, won the Food Environments and the Law Student Writing Competition which was organised by the Global Center for Legal Innovation on Food Environments at the O’Neill Institute.

“The competition challenged law students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and South Africa to address ways in which the law can be used to promote healthier lives by discouraging the consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages.”

Paula's paper titled 'Legal Challenges Affecting Food and Nutrition in South Africa: A Food Sovereignty Perspective' "examines the broader food environment to analyse the extent of the role laws and policies play in promoting healthier lives. It highlights the underlying inequities that continue to shape the food system. In so doing, it offers a food sovereignty perspective to help address the challenges identified on a macro level."

She was awarded a two-months internship at the O’Neill Institute, working with the Global Center for Legal Innovation on Food Environments, in Washington, DC. Her paper will also be presented at Georgetown University Law Center and may be selected for publication.


"We are very excited about this, and proud of Paula. It showcases the quality and depth of the research conducted by DOI's young scholars. They do high quality research in new areas of social justice and law, such as the role of law to promote healthier lives." - Prof Jaap de Visser