Dr Chigwata launches a book on provincial, local gov’t reform in Zimbabwe

On 16 October 2018, Dr Tinashe Chigwata, launched his book titled “Provincial and Local Government Reform in Zimbabwe: An analysis of the Law, Policy and Practice”. The launch took place at the Local Government Investment Conference which took place this week in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s Constitution of 2013 provides for multi-level government at national, provincial and local level. This book explores the nature, evolution and future of this multi-level system of government against the background of international best practices.

Provincial and Local Government Reform in Zimbabwe: An analysis of the Law, Policy and Practice considers key questions about the multilevel system of government and shows how it radically differs from the old Lancaster House constitutional order. The roles that provincial and local governments as well as traditional leaders fulfil in the new order are examined, the reforms needed to implement the system are outlined, and lessons to be learnt from other countries with multi-level governments are considered.

This book wants to aid the realisation of Zimbabwe’s constitutional goals of development, democracy and peace through effective multilevel governance. It is a contribution to the international discourse on decentralisation and the role of subnational governments in Africa.

Pictures from the launch

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