Dullah Omar Institute welcomes a new Post-Doctoral fellow

Dr Conrad Bosire has rejoined the Dullah Omar Institute as a post-doctoral fellow under the SARChI chair. The aim of the fellowship is to update his PhD thesis and research into a publication.

Bosire completed his PhD back in 2013 at the Dullah Omar Institute. His  PhD research was on Kenya’s devolved system of government. According to Bosire, Kenya adopted a new constitution in August 2010, which provided for an extensive devolved system of government comprising of the national government and 47 county governments across the country. The focus of his research was to study and analyse how the design of the devolved system responded to the triple challenges of underdevelopment and poor service delivery, conflict, and checking or constraining the central government (enhancing democratic accountability). These three issues are relevant to Kenya’s history and indeed to many of the developing countries.

“By the time I left for Kenya (in April 2013), Kenya had just held its first general election under the new Constitution. The pioneer governors and county assembly members had just been elected and the country was busy with the transition to devolved government.

During this period of transition, I managed a book project that compared Kenya and South Africa’s devolved systems of government. The book project brought together Kenyan and South African experts who wrote on various aspects of devolved government ranging from: institutions and structures, political processes, finances, intergovernmental relations, among other topics. I also advised many state and non-state institutions that were engaged in the transition to devolved government in Kenya, including the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution, the Transition Authority, the Council of Governors, the Judiciary, and the Intergovernmental Relations Commission,” he says.

When he left the institute in 2013,  he joined the Katiba Institute (Constitution Institute in Swahili), an institution that was established in 2011 to promote the understanding and implementation of the Constitution, as a Special Projects Advisor on devolved governance.

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