Roundtable focuses on access to food for tertiary students

The Socio-economic Rights Project hosted a roundtable on the access to food for students in tertiary institutions in South Africa on the 5th of October 2017. It looked at issues to be addressed from a first-hand perspective, as well as possible solutions going forward relating to access to food for tertiary students.

The roundtable was an exploratory meeting which probed the issues as well served as a platform for gaining buy in of proposed partners for SERP’s ‘Access to Food for Students’ Project.’

Participants at the roundtable were in agreement that this was an area requiring urgent intervention by all stakeholders. The need for coordination at national levels to ensure proper accountability mechanisms were in place was reiterated.

Civil society participation on the right to food in South Africa remained apathetic, despite the right being constitutionally guaranteed. Participants opined that this presented an opportunity for civil society to lead the campaign on this constitutionally guaranteed right as well as an opportunity for strategic impact litigation on the right to food.

This roundtable was attended by lawyers, economists, public health practitioners, food security experts, NGOs, government department representatives, chapter nine institutions, researchers, academics and student representatives.

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