Newsletter edition 1

Community Law Centre staff bulletin

Dear Colleagues,

In this separate section (which is sent to staff only) I will communicate some specific messages to staff members.

Newsletter name
Jacob and I haven't yet been able to settle on a name for the newsletter: any ideas?
Also, if you want something to be included in the newsletter, let Jacob know.

If you have names/ONCRM groups that you want to have this newsletter sent to, please let Jacob know. Part of the objective is the keep existing and potential funders and partners informed of what we do so if you have specific names, let Jacob know.

Many thanks to all who attend the AGM: your presence and participation was really appreciated. We will now pursue the second leg of the process with the University and we will keep you updated on progress. I'm excited about our new name: "Dullah Omar Institute for Constitutional Law, Governance and Human Rights".

There is no reason to keep it a secret any longer: it has been formally adopted by our Board. However, the University must still ratify the Constitution, with that new name in it. Therefore, we will not yet give it any specific publicity as that would be premature. So it's ok to tell people about it but we're not giving it any publicity yet.

New TV in the Boardroom
I am happy to announce that the Centre has a new TV screen in the boardroom and it can be used for presentations. Feel free to get in touch with Debbie should you need to use it.

Annual Report
The adopted report will be published on our site. This year, we'll also post the list of activities separately and with links to the actual products (if available online). Subsequently, we'll work on a abbreviated version to be published.


Kind regards


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