Report Launch & Dialogue: How Transparent is Municipal Procurement?
Author: Keathela
Published: Dec 01, 2021

Municipalities procure goods and services all the time. Many of these are critical for service delivery. Too often, municipal procurement is seen as a matter between the municipality and those who are tendering for contracts. But what about the communities who are affected by what the municipality has procured? Can the communities affected by these contracts find out what services are supposed to be delivered on behalf of the municipalities in their areas?

Recording: Webinar on The Local Government Elections on 1 November 2021: Key issues on the election process, the new changes and prospects of elections
Author: Keathela
Published: Oct 26, 2021

This webinar aims to share the information contained in the manual to a broad audience to further the knowledge and education on the coming elections. Moreover, the webinar seeks to provide a platform for the ongoing debate about how governance has been affected in coalition-led municipalities, the challenges with coalitions and what's needed to fix them.

Recording: Webinar on Municipalities and Food Security: A Constitutional Analysis
Author: Keathela
Published: Jul 26, 2021

In this seminar, Professor Jaap de Visser presented his latest work on the role of local government in securing the right to food. This work is published in the book Land Issues for Urban Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Increasing access to food is equally important, so this contribution adopts a 'food systems approach'.

For the People, by the People: How to Engage with Your Parliament | PPiPP Project
Author: Keathela
Published: Apr 20, 2021

In 2020, we felt the effects of weak political leadership while at the same time a pandemic caused greater inequality in our country. In response, activists came together to deliver services to those who needed it most, and when it comes to holding our elected representatives to account, we learnt that we need to exercise the power we have to protect and defend our democracy. What do you do if you’re concerned about a difficult situation in your community? Who should you approach? We take you through what our law-making bodies (or legislatures) do and the important role they play in our democracy. We’ll also help you understand how you as an activist or ordinary citizen can access your legislatures and why you should do so regularly.

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